Huobi Global Review 2022 – Lots of coins & Low trading fees

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been around since 2013. It offers a wide selection of cryptos to pick from and trade them by using advanced tools and options, both on their website and their mobile app. On the downside, Huobi has been accused of manipulating the markets and is not regulated in many countries, failing to comply with their laws. To compare Huobi with other popular exchanges, take a look at our detailed comparison of best rated cryptocurrency exchanges.


Huge amount of altcoins
Supports yield earning via staking
Potential coins earning through lucky draws
Relatively low fees


Not well regulated and licensed worldwide
Customer support is hard to reach

Huobi Key features:

  • Offers 400 cryptocurrencies
  • Passive income opportunities
  • Deep liquidity on specific pairs
  • Supports loaning

Huobi features in depth

400 cryptocurrencies to pick from

Two things are for sure in Huobi. First, if you are a fan of the big and famous cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dogecoin, you will be able to acquire them and trade them in Huobi.

Second, if you are more of an explorative investor who always keeps an eye for new opportunities, you will have a chance to spot some minor coins in Huobi. Whichever way you go, with 400 crypto coins in its ranks, you will probably find what you’re looking for in Huobi.

Passive income opportunities

Huobi exchange offers its users an opportunity to earn passive income by staking their cryptos. Staking is the process of locking your cryptos away for a certain period of time, allowing your assets to participate in the blockchain’s validation and security protocols. The more time you lock your assets away for, the more your potential earnings raise. While in staking, your assets are not tradable but they will become available once the staking period is over.

Deep liquidity in specific pairs

Huobi is the most liquid platform in the world when it comes to the Bitcoin to Tether and Ethereum to Tether pairs.

Huobi supports loans

All users can come in Huobi and get a loan of some crypto assets. In order to take a loan, a user has to offer something in return that can be used as collateral. That means that you can’t just take a loan and run away with it.

So if you want to get a loan of a certain crypto, you will have to place another coin as collateral. Loans can be useful for some users but maybe not for others. In any case, if you are considering getting a loan, make sure you plan your actions well and that actually getting a loan is a means to an end of yours. Otherwise, there is not much use to it.

Trading fees

Fees in Huobi are generally low and they will charge you a base fee or a taker or a maker fee, depending on your account type. Account types are divided into two categories: General accounts and Professional accounts. If your total trading volume is more than 1.000 Bitcoin in value in the last 30 days, you just got yourself a professional account. Otherwise, you own a general account.

In addition, Huobi offers its local token, the Huobi Token (HT) to its users and rewards them for holding it. The more Huobi Tokens you are holding, the more you earn yourself an opportunity to lower the applied fees on your account. The following tables can be found on Huobi’s official website, outlining their fee structure for each account type.

General Tiered Fee Structure

Level30-day trading volume (BTC)Base fee rate HT holdings Fee Rate (in HT)Discount 
1< 1000 BTC0.2000%≥10HT0.1800%10%
2< 1000 BTC0.2000%≥100HT0.1600% 20%
3< 1000 BTC0.2000%≥500HT 0.1200% 40%
4< 1000 BTC0.2000%≥1,000HT0.0900% 55%
5< 1000 BTC0.2000%≥2,000HT0.0800% 60%
6< 1000 BTC0.2000%≥5,000HT0.0700% 65%

Professional Trader Tiered Fee Structure

Level30-day trading volume (BTC)HT holdings MakerTaker
1≥700 BTC≥2,000 HT0.0362%0.0462%
2≥1,000 BTC ≥2,000 HT0.0294% 0.0420% 
3≥3,500 BTC ≥2,000 HT0.0294% 0.0378% 
4≥7,000 BTC ≥2,000 HT0.0252% 0.0336% 
5≥10,000 BTC ≥2,000 HT0.0224% 0.0308% 
6≥15,000 BTC ≥≥2,000 HT0.0210% 0.0294% 
7≥30,000 BTC ≥2,000 HT0.0168% 0.0252% 
8≥60,000 BTC ≥2,000 HT0.0126% 0.0210% 
9≥100,000 BTC ≥2,000 HT0.0097% 0.0193% 


Huobi stores over 95% of its users’ assets in cold storage wallets, keeping their cryptos away from the internet and potentially malicious hackers. Furthermore, to make its users feel at ease, Huobi has a 20.000 Bitcoin security reserve just in case something happens. If that’s the case, they have the means to compensate their users.

The only matter that arises when it comes to security, is that Huobi is not regulated worldwide. That means that the platform may be operating without a license in your area or state. Which, of course, comes with its own dangers.

Customer support

You can contact Huobi’s customer support through their Help Center, their email and their live chat on their website. Note that the live chat feature will not get you in touch with a support agent but rather use some keywords to guide you through frequent asked questions or, eventually, to submit a support ticket.


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