How to buy IOST in 2022 – What is Internet of Services Token?

What is IOST (Internet of Services Token)

IOS (Internet of Services) token is a next-generation blockchain technology that enables a service-oriented market by creating a network model. The IOS platform not only lets users to trade online services and digital products in a totally decentralized manner, but it also allows developers to create big-scale dApps that can serve a huge number of users.

Simply said, IOST is a platform that overcomes the scalability issue that troubles most blockchain systems. The project’s purpose is to make high-speed, anonymous transaction services available.

Who created the IOS token?

The Internet of Service Foundation, based in Singapore, is currently working on IOS and related technologies. The project was established by a team of blockchain specialists, scientists, world-class developers, and enthusiasts who are dedicated to using blockchain technology to enable business-class decentralized services.

How to buy IOST cryptocurrency

Create your account on Binance exchange platform
  1. After you finish setting up your account and verification, you need to deposit USDT in order to trade IOST or other cryptocurrencies.
    Go to Buy Crypto and choose your preferred payment type.
For this guide we will use Credit/Debit Card
  1. After choosing payment method, we need to choose which currency we want to buy. In the first field put how much money you with to spend and in second field search and select USDT currency.
Buy USDT currency

Fill in your payment information and complete transaction. Shortly after you will receive USDT currency available in your balance on Binance exchange.

  1. After you received your USDT, got to Trade > Convert. This is the easiest and most straight-forward way foe beginners to trade one crypto with another.
  1. In the first field choose USDT and in the second field find and select IOST. Enter amount of how much you wish to spend in order to buy IOST crypto (minimum is $20). After that go to Preview Conversion and make final check.
Preview and confirm transaction

Congratulations, you now own IOST cryptocurrency, we wish you bullish charts! 🙂

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